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Company Logo design Malaysia

A professional, experienced and gifted logo and graphic design company in Malaysia offers a wide range of expertise in designing logos and related graphics marketing materials.

Why you should hire a professional logo designer?

A brand is the face of a Company. It curbs identification, branding, and others. It’s your imagination or idea of the product or service you propose to offer. It is the logo which turns into the basic elements of the company present in the logo

As a leading and professional company Logo designer in Malaysia, KS Global understands your real issue.


Company logo design “problems”

You’ve always dreamed of opening your own business, but fear you can’t afford the costly logo design package offered by many agencies of their dubious quality to create the impression of professionalism.

Company logo design “Agitate”

What kind of head start in life can you give your child if he or she grows up without a parent’s ambitious dream for them? What kind of picture does that set about success being achievable?

company logo-design-malaysia

Company logo design “Solution”

At KS Global’s company logo design service, we understand. That ambition & enthusiasm may be hard to experience from a distance or within a new profession. We get it & understand what it means to have your work criticized when you could’ve just done it yourself. Let us help turn those dreams into something big at an affordable price.

Leading company logo designing company in Malaysia

KS Global is a leading company logo designing company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with extensive experience in company logo design, packaging design, business card design, letterhead design, and branding. For all your business needs, our graphic design team delivers excellent and creative work. Under one roof, you can find the best company logo design services in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor, Sabah, Sarawak, and Selangor… we can say all over Malaysia, branding, graphic design, and more to assist you with your marketing efforts. Compared to freelance graphic designers, we offer the most affordable company logo design price in Malaysia for small and medium-sized businesses. Providing company logo and website design near me services under one roof is our speciality.

Having a company logo is one of the most important parts of building brand recognition and identity. It must be distinctive, unique, and stand out from the crowd. By using a well-designed and easily recognizable company logo, you can attract new clients, separate yourself from the competition, and build company brand loyalty. As a sign of trust and reputation, it provides an instant impression of what your brand or company is all about. We create a unique custom company logo that leaves a lasting impression on the customer’s subconscious mind. In our role as a leading creative logo design company in Malaysia, we use tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Spark, Logo Design Studio Pro, and Gravit Designer to design logos.

Logo design company in Malaysia known for best work

We strive to create company logos that symbolize a subtle glimpse of your brand’s goals in a way that grabs the attention of your audience right away. KS Global have a team of creative minds that work closely with clients, listen to their requirements, work out a strategy, and produce designs that represent their brands. When creating a stunning logo design for our clients, we place a high value on creating impactful and memorable logos.

KS Global is one of the top company logo designing companies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we have an office in City Centre, Kuala Lumpur. It is our pleasure to say that we have formed a strong bond with our clients.

Whatever your business needs, whether you want to start a new venture or you are unhappy with your compny logo, we will create a logo design that elevates the status of your business.

KS Global company logo design portfolio

Black and Orange Illustration Company Logo 3
Black and Orange Illustration Company Logo 9
Black and Orange Illustration Company Logo 6
Black and Orange Illustration Company Logo
Black and Orange Illustration Company Logo 10
Black and Orange Illustration Company Logo 12
Black and Orange Illustration Company Logo 1
Black and Orange Illustration Company Logo 8

Why choose Ks Global as your company logo designer?

Quality Services

We focus on quality deliverables on every project.

Our knowledge

Working with customers from the same fields.

Budget Friendly

Best quality products and services with affordable price.

Support 24/7

We offer 24/7 support to our valuable customers

Our Expertise

We have successfully completed projects for various industries and offered exceptional solutions.


Creativity runs in our team and goes hand in hand with passion that truly defines our company.


We offer innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions to help your business grow.

Customer Experience

We design and optimize every touchpoint based on your customers’ comfort and delight.

Our affordable web development agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia provides result-driven websites for all budgets.

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


what do our clients say?

Ambigai Vesva
Ambigai Vesva
I would agree with the reviews below. There's hesitancy amongst doing SEO however I done a lot of research and realized that to really get myself out there and get the website traffic I wanted I need to get onboard with a good SEO team. Since initially speaking with KS Global and discussing our needs and requirements I decided to proceed. I agreed to 40 keywords that were picked out of over 100 that would work for my business.These over the last 3 months have brought a significant increase in website traffic.
Sue Ann S
Sue Ann S
KS Global did a great job in revamping our website. They are good in detailing and designing. Besides, they are also very easy to deal with. Thank you very much for ur superb work!
Muhammad Hafiz
Muhammad Hafiz
Very good partner to work with for Ecommerce website, good responsive, great professional suggestion and work done within time frame, highly recommend!
Yoges Anjelan
Yoges Anjelan
If you are looking for an SEO agency that brings in more profit than your marketing investment, look no further than KS Global. We got back our SEO investment with them, and more profits than that.
Nazrin Ibrahim
Nazrin Ibrahim
Really love working with this company. Got supportive management, fast response, give a lot of idea to us with our requirement. Highly recommended!
Sharon Anthony
Sharon Anthony
Thank you KS Global developing our website! I do recommend them for small to medium sized companies, start-ups and individuals as they customise solutions, has consultative services in digital marketing and design
Pau Lok Ying
Pau Lok Ying
KS Global did a great job of not only creating our website how we wanted it to be, but also gave us great insight on what they believed that will help in boosting sales. Their proven experience and excellence is the reason why our company would recommend KS Global to anyone who is looking to create a customized website...
We are impressed with their assistance and skills in managing our company’s website. Thank you KS Global & team

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