Let’s give new look to  your website with KS Global.


Updating your website:

Keeping your website updated with updates and good content gives your customers a reason to visit your site often. The modern consumer is knowledgeable and capable of finding your website instantly to decide whether you are worth their time and money. Similarly, the presence of digital marketing aids in establishing your  credibility. However, how can these be achieved?

A great, creative, and consistently updated website can help you achieve those results. We can assist you in maintaining and updating your business website using our website maintenance services, all you have to do is call or email our ticketing system and we’ll take care of it.

How we maintain your webiste?

Check your website thoroughly

Check backups

Test your website forms

Test browser compatibility

Analyse your KPIs, SEO and reports

Update dates and copyright notices

Security updates and bug fixes

Review contact information

Renew your domain names

Review and update legal disclaimers

Advantages of Website Maintenance

Run Smoothly & Effectively

You need fast loading websites, page speed will have a significant impact on mobile search, a 1-second delay on your website’s load time can lead to lower traffic and revenue.

Rank on Google

Do not let your website go untouched for several years. This will cause Google to consider it “dead” and therefore, rank it lower. Adding new and high quality content to your website regularly will make Google happy.

Getting More Leads

For real-time service industries, well-maintained and optimized websites are critical for attracting customers and retaining existing ones.

Stay Top on Google

 There is constant change in the world of web design. The web design of businesses should be up-to-date and relevant to the user experience. It is possible to lose money by having an outdated and slow website.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

What is website maintenance?

Updates, performance, security, fixes, marketing, and migration are some of the topics we offer as part of WordPress website maintenance.

When you start working on maintenance website?

Yes. Some maintenance requests we receive cannot be performed. Depending on your current provider, the language your website is built in, or other scenarios, this could be the case.

Can I have multiple sites in single package?

No, Single maintenance in single package.

Why we go with you?

You will always receive 100% satisfaction from our affordable website maintenance services, which we provide at affordable prices.

  • We turn around orders quickly
  • The ability to apply technical knowledge to each technology
  • We provide SEO, writing, and graphics support
  • No contract for more than a year
  • Reports every month
  • Back up your data every month
  • Updates to core and plugins
When you done maintenance website?

After done everything, we start working and done your maintenance within 2 weeks.

Do you offer consulting?

Yes, we offer consulting. Our initial consulting is for getting your requirements and afterwards if you feel like consulting something then we welcome all queries.

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